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Shugart Manufacturing has been manufacturing barges for marine construction for over four decades. We offer three sizes of high quality sectional barges designed to provide you with years of cost-effective performance. We can also design and build custom configurations based on your specifications. We can provide you with access to marine engineers to make certain that all barges meet your needs and exceed accepted safety factors. Our barges are built with the finest materials available. Leakage is never a concern since each barge is completely sealed with single-plate construction and watertight double welds making them totally airtight.

Oxygen is removed from the inside to prevent interior rusting. All barges are sandblasted and then painted with three coats of Hi-Liner Epoxy paint for long wear and reduced rusting. Shugart’s unique pinning system provides added versatility by easily allowing you to reconfigure the barges depending upon the projects. Shugart barges never require an expensive dry dock. They can be easily stacked on land for storage or maintenance, minimizing deterioration and eliminating dock charges. Our numerous years of unique experience with marine construction products gives you the added advantages of a safer and more efficient project.

Double Stack, Heavy Duty, Regular 5 x 10

Double Stack, Heavy Duty, Regular 5 x 10
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