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Proven in the field to be reliable, versatile, and economical, Shugart’s fully automatic electric screeds are powered by two ¾” heavy-duty drills. Simple to set up and use, the Shugart Electric Screed eliminates grinding and provides super-smooth finishes that meet or exceed critical standards.
electric screed
Stroke 6" Complete 100' Screed 4250
Stokes (cycles) per minute 26"* Complete 20' Power section including Wheels 1186
Lateral movement per stroke (cycle) 3/4"* 20' Screed insert 520
Lateral travel (inches per min.) 20"* 16' Screed insert 520
Wheel (ball bearing swivel) 10" 12' Screed insert 330
Wheel Arm Swing 110° 8' Screed insert 225
Wheel retractable travel 5" 4' Screed insert 150
Screed channel adjustment (without washers) 4 1/2" Lifting Swivel Wheels 150
Clincher Foot adjustment 12" Wear Plate (3x1/4 x 20' flat) 45
Clincher Foot rotation 45°
Push Rail (double 4 x 4 x 3/8 angle 20') 392
High Skew Clincher Foot available      
Travel Cable 3/16" & 1/4"    
Power: Two 3/4" heavy-duty drills      
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