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Shugart barges are easy to assemble and disassemble, making transfer quick and easy. The pin-flange locking method securely fastens barge sections together. Pins will not jam due to corrosion. Frozen bolts and mangled materials that result in wasted money or man-hours will never become a problem when trying to take the barge sections apart. Our unique double head on the connector pin allows for the speediest connection and removal. The connector holes are precisely aligned, which assures proper connection once only two pins are in place. The upper heads on the pins are also positioned to support a 2x4 flush with the deck, hiding the connection. Our unique system is based on the principle of many simple connections spaced close together. Following this principle assures that stress is distributed evenly throughout the entire connection so that a single pin cannot become a ‘critical stress point’ (all holes should always be pinned before beginning a project to insure proper stress distribution).
Shugart barges are easy to assemble and disassembleShugart barges are easy to assemble and disassemble
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