About Us


Shugart maintains an up-to-date and fully equipped manufacturing facility that allows us to respond to your most detailed specifications and tightest schedules, yet still enables us to maintain strict quality control during every stage of fabrication. We have the capability to handle all types of materials, from the heavy steel plates used in our barges to the finest fittings used in our screeds.

Our facilities are specifically designed and machinery strategically located to provide us with the quickest and most efficient production process possible. This translates into lower costs and a greater ability to meet your deadlines. We also have complete testing facilities on-site, including a four-acre lake for testing marine products. Shugart products are built from the most durable wear and weather resistant materials that we can locate, and we employ the most experienced craftsmen available. This commitment to quality workmanship is evident in our products.


Shugart Manufacturing enjoys a strategic location in Chester, S.C., mid-way between Charlotte, N.C. and Columbia, S.C. This location provides easy access to six major interstate highways, numerous rail connections, and major seaports in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. This geography allows us to quickly serve a major portion of the United States, as well as international access.

We understand that timely and hassle-free distribution of equipment and materials are critical considerations in the construction industry. All Shugart products are designed for shipping by truck or rail, and for easy assembly and disassembly so that you can quickly move equipment from one project to another. We strive to maintain a ready inventory of products for purchase or rental, and we are fully equipped to load and ship your orders quickly and efficiently. Shugart products are currently in use from Canada to Antigua, from Texas to Maine, and we stand ready and able to dispatch our products to virtually any location worldwide.


Shugart offers custom manufacturing and equipment repair services. Whether your projects call for products fabricated from metal or for machinery powered by hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, gasoline, or diesel engines, we have both the experience and facilities to manufacture exactly what you need.

We maintain a highly successful track record of developing prototype equipment, both for ourselves and for others. From large equipment and machinery such as construction barges and screeds, to smaller items such as jigs and parts, we offer the design, engineering, and manufacturing ability to get the job done. We can take your project from the planning stage and carry it through to completion.

Shugart Manufacturing is a division of Mclean Contracting Company, which was founded in 1903 and is headquartered in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Mclean is a marine and heavy civil contractor, primarily focused on building marine structures such as bridges, wharves, piers and bulkheads, but also performs dredging, salvage and emergency repair work. Click on the attached link to learn more about Mclean projects and it’s specialized fleet of marine equipment.

Shugart’s purpose, along with McLean, is to bring peace of mind to those we serve.  We want all of our employees to feel valued, appreciated and free to be who they are at work.  Our employee lifecycle processes are designed to prevent discrimination regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender or disability status.  We recognize that a diverse and inclusive workforce makes us a better company, and we will continue to expand our efforts in this area.  We know this is the right thing to do for our all of our partners and stakeholders.

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