Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Barge
Heavy Duty Barge
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Heavy Duty

Shugart’s HEAVY-DUTY barge is also 10’4” wide, but the depth is 7’ instead of 5’. This extra depth provides a significantly stronger platform as well as additional freeboard. This extra strength and freeboard may be necessary for heavier lifts or when barges are used in surf or choppy waters. Like our regular barges, the heavy-duty barge is available in lengths of two, three, and four barge-widths.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions Weight (approximate)

41’4” x 10’4” x 7’35,700 lbs.
31’0″ x 10’4” x 7’27,800 lbs.
20’8” x 10’4” x 7’18,550 lbs.

*Dimensions are center to center of connections for rake and all sections
*Overall Dimensions are 10’8” wide x 7’ high x length
*Payload Per Barge: 59 tons with 1 foot of free board (for each 41’4” section)
*No Load Draft: Approximately 16.5”

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