Regular Barge

Regular Barge
Regular Barge
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Regular Barge

Shugart’s REGULAR barge comes in multiple lengths, but with a standard height of 5’-0” and width of 10’-8”. The actual work surface is 10’, in keeping with the accepted construction principle of sizing in multiples of 10. The REGULAR barges are available in lengths equal to two, three, or four times a barge width (Length must always be a multiple of the width to allow for proper connection and stability).

Technical Specifications
Dimensions Weight (approximate)

REGULAR Barge DimensionsWeight (Approx.)
41’4” x 10′-4″ x 5′27,000 lbs.
31’0″ x 10′-4″ x 5′22,500 lbs.
20’8″ x 10′-4″ x 5′15,000 lbs.

*Dimensions are center to center of connections for rake and all sections
*Overall Dimensions are 10’8” wide x 5’ high x length
*Payload Per Barge: 37.5 tons with 1 foot of free board (for each 41’4” section)
*No Load Draft: Approximately 12”

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