Hydraulic technical data


Extremely dependable, Shugart’s Hydraulic Screeds offer the same tolerance performance as our Electric Screeds and are available in the same length units. Electric drills provide a back-up power source in the event of hydraulic breakdown.


Stokes (cycles) per minute 0-60″*
Lateral movement per stroke (cycle) 3/4″*
Lateral travel (inches per min.) 45″*
Wheel (ball bearing swivel) 10″
Wheel Arm Swing 110°
Wheel retractable travel 6″
Screed channel adjustment (without washers) 4 1/2″
Clincher Foot adjustment 12″
Clincher Foot rotation 45°
High Skew Clincher Foot available
Travel Cable 3/16″ & 1/4″
Power: Two 3/4″ heavy-duty drills


Complete 100′ Screed 5519
Complete 12′ Power section with Wheels, Pump Unit with 30′ hose, (2) 20′ Push Rails, (4) 20′ Wear Plates 3164
20′ Screed insert 520
16′ Screed insert 420
12′ Screed insert 330
8′ Screed insert 225
4′ Screed insert 150
Lifting Swivel Wheels 150
Wear Plate (3×1/4 x 20′ flat) 45
Push Rail (double 4 x 4 x 3/8 angle 20′) 392


A hydraulic pump unit that is completely custom fabricated specifically for our screeds serves as the power plant. The pump unit features a 4-cycle 35 hp gasoline engine and 24 gpm pump, making parts very easy to secure and maintenance and repairs simple to complete. The unit is completely portable, and comes mounted on its own custom 2-wheel cart outfitted with a heavy-duty lifting hook. Simple to operate, all controls and gauges are included. The total weight of the entire unit is 1960 lbs.

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