Double Stack

Double Stack Barge
Double Stack Barge
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Double Stack

The DOUBLE-STACK barge is 7’9″ wide and its depth is 4’3″. Like our other barges, DOUBLE-STACK barges are available in lengths equal to two, three, or four barge widths. The smaller size allows these barges to be stacked two high on a truck and transported anywhere in the United States without permits. These barges have been designed for compatibility with intermeddle transportation and compatible with size requirements for intermixed shipping between rail, ship, air, and truck.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions Weight (approximate)

38’9” x 7’9” x 4’3”20,000 lbs.
31’0″ x 7’9” x 4’3”16,000 lbs.
23’3” x 7’9” x 4’3”12,500 lbs.
15’6” x 7’9” x 4’3”8,500 lbs.

*Dimensions are center to center of connections for rake and all sections
*Overall Dimensions are 8’ wide x 4’3” high x length
*Payload Per Barge: 20.3 tons with 1 foot of free board (for each 38’9” section)
*No Load Draft: Approximately 13”

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