Shugart Screeds are versatile concrete finishers and the ideal tool for a wide range of projects. Delivering far greater production than simple hand-held or light-frame vibratory screeds, we build durable, professional bridge deck finishers in the same class with many of the larger, more sophisticated finishers. Our screeds have the added benefit of being much less expensive to own, maintain and operate. Employing a unique longitudinal action, our screeds ride securely on headers that traverse the bridge deck, instead of on rails along the side of the deck commonly found on false work. The Shugart Screed system is more stable and dependable. Offering both electric and hydraulic powered models, Shugart Screeds are famous for smooth finishes that meet critical standards.

The longitudinal action gives Shugart Screeds the ability to easily handle pours of 60-80′, and can be used efficiently on pours up to 100′ in length. Our system offers precise grade and camber adjustments that allow for screeding slabs that widen or narrow. Our Screeds deliver 1/8” tolerance in 16’. This far surpasses the standard 1/8” in 10’ requirements. The Shugart Screed is versatile, and can be configured in many lengths. Insert units of 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 feet are available, and can easily handle projects from 15 feet (some finishers can only handle down to 25 feet) up to 100 feet in length. The Shugart Screed can handle unlimited width. Providing superb stability, the adjustable rail allows for skews, corners, and squares. The electric model travels up to 20” per minute, while the hydraulic model travels up to 45” per minute. Both the hydraulic and the electric models are built with a strong welded-steel truss frame and the highest quality field-proven components. Based on a simple design that requires fewer moving parts than other finishers, our Screeds will provide years of dependable service.

The Shugart Screed is self-propelled and requires no special training to use. They are easy to set up and disassemble, simple to operate, and requires less manpower than traditional finishers to get the job done. Our screeds are highly reliable and require only minimum maintenance. Sectional and easily transportable, they can be lifted by crane or can be rolled off of a span. Mounted wheels provide for easy rollback.

Shugart Screeds offer precision surface finishing so smooth that some state highway departments have actually specified Shugart in securing bids. For contractors who only own one screed, our system provides you with greater value by enabling you to bid a much wider range of jobs. Our Screeds provide additional production capability at a fraction of the cost of larger finishers, and rival any paver for finish quality and low overall production costs.

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