Barge Pushers

Shugart’s Barge Pusher is simple to attach, simple to operate, and simple to service. It’s the best idea you’ll find for moving and positioning sectional barges, and it also has the ability to provide auxiliary hydraulic power on marine construction jobs. This versatile Barge Pusher fits onto practically any sectional barge deck. Four pieces of angle iron welded to the barge deck provide the connections to safely secure the pusher to a barge. Custom fabricated specifically for our barges, it is the best value in pusher equipment available. Like all high quality Shugart products, the Barge Pusher offers dependability and versatility, and is designed for safe and efficient performance. Barge Pushers are available for sale or rent.

The Shugart Barge Pusher is durable, yet requires less maintenance than other pusher equipment. Shugart’s Barge Pusher features a Detroit Diesel engine driving the main hydraulic pump that powers the thruster. There are no gears, no drive shafts, and no bearings to maintain or replace. This translates into less down time for repairs, and more productive time spent accomplishing your job.

Simple To Operate

One man can operate and maintain Shugart’s Barge Pusher. A raised control platform provides the operator a clear view of barges and surrounding waterways. The control console allows the operation of the Barge Pusher and auxiliary equipment with simple lever action.

Simple To Service

Service is greatly simplified. The Barge Pusher is built of standard components with replacement parts readily available at manufacturers’ service centers nationwide. Routine maintenance and repairs are simplified because all of the Barge Pusher’s systems are accessible on deck.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Power

The auxiliary hydraulic pump can provide additional power for your auxiliary equipment. Hydraulic lines for spud lifters, deck winches, and other equipment can be easily attached. This enables any auxiliary equipment to be controlled by one operator.

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