Material Platforms

Because of their superior strength and versatility, Shugart barges are especially convenient as material staging platforms. Exceptional stability provides a safe platform for usage as a work surface.

Heavy Equipment Platforms

Stability and strength insure that Shugart barges provide the best platforms for setting up heavy construction equipment for marine construction. Our barges have been used as platforms for equipment such as cranes, dredges, drill rigs, concrete plants, and knuckle boom cranes.

Floating Bridges

We can help you plan many unique applications for Shugart barges, such as pontoon bridges and ferries. When temporary or emergency needs arise, Shugart barges can be transported quickly, to provide a strong and stable floating surface.

Floating Docks

High quality materials and superlative construction provide long lasting, low-maintenance docks that give you the versatility to arrange the sections as needed for your project.

Marsh Mats

Thanks to superior strength, Shugart barges can be used as mats in shallow, marshy areas where flotation is inadequate for conventional barges. Better than wooden mats, Shugart barge mats float when necessary and are completely reversible to allow change of waterline.

Railroad Platforms

Shugart barges are strong and durable enough to provide support to projects requiring rail access. Our unique pin connection system makes transporting, enlarging or reducing size, or changing platform shape quick and easy.

Custom Applications

With our numerous years of experience in developing prototypes, Shugart Manufacturing can help you design and create specialized applications that meet the unique needs of your project.

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